Why 6?

sunny beach with waves and cliffs

What if there were no more days at the beach?

Every day in the Los Angeles area (alone!), 10 metric tons of plastic fragments (like plastic bags, straws, soda bottles, etc.) are carried out to the Pacific Ocean.

Every DAY!!

There is so much plastic junk swirling around in the ocean that it has a name! The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is located off the coast of California. In these disgusting, polluted waters, plastic pieces outnumber sea life 6:1. It is estimated that ONE MILLION sea birds & 100,000 marine mammals are killed annually due to the plastic in the oceans. 

6% of our sales will be donated to the Ocean Conservancy, to help them to continue their work cleaning up the seas. The organization is given the highest rating by several charity watchdog groups, and their mission is one that Giving Soaps stands behind 100%. 

Why 6%? Because sadly, only 5% of plastics ever produced are recovered. I passionately believe we can do better. By learning more and being more aware, we can all make a shift toward cleaner waters and healthier sea life.