This is our difference: we are a 100% plastic free company.

*Our shipping boxes are all reclaimed (from our own orders and other local businesses)

*We use shredded junk mail/discarded paper as packing material instead of bubble wrap, packing peanuts or other synthetic materials

*If possible, our products are shipped without any packaging (just the FDA-required labeling)

*Recycling takes resources, so we opt to package our products that require packaging (lotions, balms, etc.) in reusable or compostable containers (which, also happen to be recyclable).

*In the course of making our products, we do not use the customary ‘one use & toss it’ plastic items. We have glass alternatives that can be reused indefinitely (and….incidentally…this practice also saves our customers money because we buy our tools once and for all, rather than buying a pack of 100 and including the cost in our prices)

*The little bit of plastic wrap we do use is fully compostable, composed of sugar fibers.