How I Created A (Nearly) Zero Waste Company: Our Packaging

Every piece of packaging used by Giving Soaps is intentionally chosen. I am committed to supporting sustainable packaging suppliers, and use packaging only when necessary. I know that it has cost us business through the years because our containers may not be as flashy or colorful as others. Plus it has cost us sales because it does cost more to buy an eco-friendly container, and therefore has a higher price point. But I am still committed to our original values. We will not package product unnecessarily or in a container that will end up in a landfill. 

So...what do we package product in? Glass, cardboard and...nothing. Our soaps and bath bombs have no packaging, because they can stand on their own. Sadly, the biggest pushback I get over this policy is from other soapers. They can't fathom not wrapping their soaps, and even hold contests to see who can create the best packaging. Often the results are complicated, completely unnecessary boxes, ribbons, plastics, buttons and tags. I'm sorry,'s a bar of soap, not a scrapbook


Our lip balms are packaged in lightweight cardboard tubes that not only are 100% biodegradable (or recyclable), but are also 8 times the size of the average tube - so you use less of them! 


Giving Soaps' lotions, balms and scrubs are purposely packaged in the same 4 oz. glass containers. So once you have used up all of your lotion, balm or scrub, you have the option of either reusing it for a home project or you can return it to your Giving Soaps Consultant for it to be reused by Giving Soaps! Because all of our jars are identical, there are more options for projects (i.e. spice rack; office organization) that will require less time to save up empty jars. We recognize that, yes, plastic takes fewer resources to create and also to recycle. However, glass is studier, more likely to be repurposed (even by those who "don't recycle"), and can be recycled an infinite number of times because it doesn't break down in the same way that plastic does. Plus, purely as a personal preference, I feel glass is a whole lot more attractive. 


How can you help us?


1. Be sure to reuse or return all of your used jars - this is an important step of the cycle that we depend on you for. 

2. Continue to support Giving Soaps and other zero waste companies that are making as little footprint as possible on the environment. 

3. Try out a little zero wasting in your own home. I'll talk more about this in future blog posts, but Google has plenty of ideas in the meantime to get you started. 


Zero waste is possible, with a little creativity and intentionality. The ocean will thank you for every effort. Keep her in mind when you go about your week, and see how much waste you can avoid. 

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