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Rewards Program

How can I earn points?

Rewards: Earning Points

How do I redeem points?

Rewards: Redeeming Points Earned

How many points do I need before I can redeem them for discounts?

Rewards: Earning Coupons

Charities We Support

Which charities do you support?

Charities: Current Charity Partners

Ingredients Used

Do you use lye to make your soap?

Soap Making: Lye

Are your products natural?

Soap Making: 'Natural'

Are your products organic?

Soap Making: Organic

Are your products vegan?

Vegan Products


Do you ship to residential and business addresses?

Shipping to a Business Address

Which shipping carrier do you use to ship products?

We ship with USPS

How fast will my order be shipped?

How fast will my order be shipped?

Will I be notified when my order ships?

Shipping Notification

Do you ship internationally?

International Shipping

I accidentally put in a wrong shipping address. What now?

Wrong Shipping Address

Returns & Exchanges

Receiving my order was not the phenomenal experience I thought it would be. What do I do now?



I really wish you’d make [insert a product we don’t currently offer]. How do I tell you this?

I really wish you’d make [insert a product we don’t currently offer]. How do I tell you this?


What is the minimum wholesale order?

Wholesale: Minimum Order

Can I open a wholesale account if I'm only interested in one type of product? (i.e. just soap, just lotion)

Wholesale Terms

How long will it take to set up a wholesale account?

Setting Up a Wholesale Account

How long will it take my wholesale order to ship?

Wholesale Shipping Times

How do I order testers so my customers can try out the product in my location?

Wholesale: Ordering Testers

What types of payment do you accept?

Wholesale Payments

What is the return policy for wholesale orders?

Wholesale Terms: Returns/Exchanges

Do you offer business support to wholesale customers?

Wholesale Support

Can I private label your products? Would there be an additional discount if I order products without labels?

Wholesale Terms: Private Labeling

Coupon Codes

The coupon code I am using is coming up invalid. What can I do?

Invalid Coupon Code

I'd love a coupon code! How can I get access to them?

Current Coupons

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